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546 I/P - Fisher 546 Electronic Input Transducer. Input 4-20mA DC, 4-12mA DC,...

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546 I/P
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546 I/P
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Fisher 546 Electronic Input Transducer. Input 4-20mA DC, 4-12mA DC, and 12-20mA DC | Ouput 3-15PSI direct action, 15-3psi reverse action | Single electronic circuit board | Supply pressure 3-35PSI 3-15PSI/0-30PSI | Integral Regulator 67AFR | VTC1640880 Gauge | TO BE ASSEMBLED AT VOX TECH Simple Type: Transducer

Fisher 546, 546S, and 546NS transducers receives a direct-current input signal and use a torque motor, nozzle-flapper, and pneumatic relay to convert the signal to a proportional pneumatic output signal. Nozzle pressure, which operates the relay, is also piped to the torque motor feedback bellows. This provides a comparison between input signal and nozzle pressure and corrects errors in nozzle pressure.

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  • Conveniently located easy Screwdriver Adjustment
  • Field-Reversible Action
  • Simple Integrated Pneumatic Relay Removal
  • Vibration Resistance


  • Input Signal: 4-20 mA | 10-50 mA | 1-9 Vdc
  • Operative Ambient Temperature Limits: -40 to 66C (-40 to +150F)
  • Output Signals: 0.2 to 1.0 bar (3 to 15 psig), 0.4 to 2.0 bar (6 to 30 psig), 0 to 1.2 bar (0 to 18 psig), or 0 to 2.3 bar (0 to 33 psig)
  • Suplly Pressure: 20 PSI (3-15 PSI Output) | 35 PSI (6-30 or 3-27 PSI Output)



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